The Dark Side

It ain’t always easy hitchhiking, travelling and living without almost any money! I don’t wear pink sunglasses that make absolutely everything seem lovely.

Just the other day (June 2014) I was standing by the side of the highway, on my own, trying to hitch out of Calgary to Edmonton (two big cities in the Canadian province Alberta, around 300km apart). For some reason it was just hard to get the first ride. There was no direct sun but everything was just so bright I had to disfigure my face by intense squinting. I also hoarded a bunch of food for an upcoming road trip so my arms were killing me. Right at the point of getting seriously depressed a little cloud came over me. Just like in the cartoons. And yes, the fucker rained on me. It was my private little rain cloud. I had to laugh.

More than once I got stuck, in rain, in cold, in scorching heat… It ain’t nice. But usually… Usually every time something shitty like that occurs it is only a preparation for something extremely awesome that’s about to happen.

Thus, the most important thing with hitchhiking is blindly trusting the universe will take care of you. It might be a silly or reckless thing to do but it works! Or I’m just a lucky fuck.

There’s always a ride, a place to sleep and something to eat. Eventually. When it comes to sleeping, I’ve had my fair share of sleeping in weird random places. With hitchhiking you get to experience ups and downs.

The downs:

  • a toilet on a Danish highway parking spot (that wasn’t too bad actually, as I also had a gigantic bag of assorted dumpstered sweets and in the morning we got a ride)
  • a torn apart shack at the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico, that smelled like humanure
  • some kind of half built structure in Chiapas, Mexico, this time full of (luckily) dry horse shit and some stupid dogs barking all night
  • the beaches of Roatan, a Honduran Caribbean island swarming with sand flies (once we moved to a wooden dock it was a paradise)

Wonderful ups:

  • a princess tree house in a hippie hostel in Olympos, Turkey
  • a hotel that looked like a castle in southern Albania
  • in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, some drivers kindly paid a hotel room for us and left – didn’t even catch their names!
  • someones yard in Cappadocia, Turkey – just a magical place to wake up in, surrounded by surreal lava formations and hot air balloons
  • a free little hut in a Finnish national park in the winter – felt like a fairy tale (and Tomi kept the fire going all night)

Rad random places:

  • a couple of fire stations in Honduras (firefighters are the best)
  • a church in Mexico
  • in trucks all over
  • on a truck in Mexico
  • squatted numerous beaches and abandoned structures, once spent 10 days in Sayulita, Mexico, on one wild beach
  • a coin laundromat (someone left the drier on – it was warm, which was highly appreciated in the Canadian winter)
  • a sailboat covered with snow (felt like an igloo)
  • twice in homeless shelters in Canada (interesting people to meet)

Of course, I owe a huge thanks to all the random people and drivers that hosted me and my travel buddies. As well as CouchSurfing. Especially in Canada I’ve been using it a lot and met many totally wonderful people!

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One thought on “The Dark Side

  1. This photo just keeps making me laugh. 🙂

    (in the sign it says: “Birthday Trip to Lapland” in Finnish)

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